What is the purpose of Blogging?

Looking at it from the point of view of an organization or a government then logic works that they are up to something, propagating their cause and looking for material gains, as for tourism websites. But what about an individual, is it just sheer exposition of one’s self out of nothing, yes I mean “out of nothing”. Because if we have not the facility of “free blog hosting” then had there been hundreds of thousands of personal blogs around the net? Well there had been just for the wealthy few, who would have paid the fee from their credit cards. Not all of them have been wealthy or rich there are people who want to show themselves at any coast, when they know and become conscious regarding the technology of website or blog hosting. 

Now there are hundreds of free blog hosting websites, from Bloggers and WordPress to Facebook which compel net users not to miss the gift of free exposition. Here I have again used the word exposition, which seems to be awkward but is there any other word for this processes, okay let us use the word expression. So is it compulsory that we register ourselves for a free blog? Absolutely not, no one is pressurizing us. But it looks seeing the number of growing personal blogs and websites that we are doing it as a duty, those of us who have net connection. Certainly not all net users have blogs but it seems majority do have.

So, again what is the purpose of making a blog for oneself?

The answer can be the nature of civilized human being that every individual wants to be known and heard, whom he/she may be. I am not sure!

Blogging seems to be like being social, as a normal person, contacting friends like in daily life and showing what type of person I am. But in social life every one of us seems to be of a reserve kind of personality, we not share our thoughts and ideas with every person like we do in blogging, where people from every nook and corner of the globe can find our expressed selves. And this too is normal of being little bit reserve and being in your senses unlike a talkative and hyperactive justifiably called abnormal. Or it can be that that in real life, as opposed to cyber one, we fear thought sharing because they will be copied by others and we will be robbed of our intellectual property without notice. So in net our/bloggers intellectual wealth is safe, in the way that if it will be copied then someone might object and protest in our favor: “I have seen this article six months ago, you have copied it please do not do this” or “Hey, I have seen this video before at Youtube”  and so on.

Or is blogging is like car you have it (blog) but you do not use it and go office by foot, but here it is good you use your legs instead of polluting car. But blogging seems to be triumph of human mind/invention of free expression in text and audio-visual, not like a polluting car. However blogging too has its minuses like electricity consuming, time consuming and obesity. Are bloggers are fat?

Well I myself do not have a clear answer for the purpose of blogging. All I can say that these mind confusing words from top to bottom were to justify my own blog, to give it a meaning, why I am here. As a fine artist its part of my profession to show my art works, not words, to draw customers. So what about a physicist……  


Shahnawaz Baloch

April-July 2010


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