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Singer: Mark Teelone

Guitar: Safar John

Dholak: Pakheer Shah

Surna: Chakar Zaeb

Lyrics: Shahnawaz 

Composer: Gul Bahar Changyani


I am proud of shepherd nation

They haven’t spit on others possession

Lived their lives with passion

Until came the yoke of occupation

With iron-rain and suppression

O jee laday laaday o  jee

O jee laday laaday o jee

Other world don’t know about their suffocation

But they want with world a lovely relation

But again world’s ears are filled with plaster by a dirty mason

Still they resist chains, plasters from generation to generation

Still they resist iron-rain, suffocation, suppression and the occupation

O jee laday laaday o jee

O jee laday laaday o jee

Leave the world to sleep they say

Work it out be as it may

We will go our own way

If our luck is martyrdom

Then there is nothing worthy of freedom

Freedom is the only way of bad luck nation


I am proud of shepherd nation

I am…… proud of……. Shepherd… nation’nnn.



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